Frequently asked Questions

Q: Do I need to have experience in meditation or Buddhism to attend classes?
A: No, all you need is the wish to improve yourself and the quality of your mind and your life.

Q: Do I have to be Buddhist to benefit from meditation?
A: No. Anyone can learn basic meditation and experience the benefits. Buddhism is a non-evangelical religion. Buddhists respect all people and are happy to help anyone.

Q: How should I dress for class?
A: There is no special clothing needed for these meditation classes.  You will be sitting comfortably on a chair or cushion provided by the center.

Q: Do I have to wait for the next series of classes to begin?
A: No, please feel free to drop in whenever you like. Attending the entire series of classes is highly beneficial as each class builds on the next. However, each class is taught in such a way that if you only attend one class, you will still derive benefit from it.

If you are interested in studying Buddha’s teachings at a deeper level, please learn about our in-depth study classes, Foundation Program.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at or (609) 397-4828. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.