Pure Enjoyment

So often, when we enjoy something, our desire to have more of it increases. For example, when we enjoy eating chocolate, our attachment to chocolate becomes even stronger, and we feel like the more chocolate we eat, the happier we will become. This attachment, or uncontrolled desire, to the people or things that give us pleasure ultimately causes us pain and heartache. But to overcome desirous attachment we don’t have to abstain from our daily pleasures—Buddha taught special methods through which the enjoyment itself can reduce our attachment. Just as a fire consumes the wood we used to start it, so this special practice “burns up” our attachment and leads us to real freedom.

Come learn this precious and powerful meditation!

Saturday, December 16th, 2017

10:00–11:30 – Teaching and meditation
11:30–12:00 – break
12:00–1:00 – Teaching and meditation

Cost: $20 ($10 members)