Other Buddhist Centers in the Area

Are you interested in meditation but Menlha Center (or its branches) is a bit too far away? Check out these centers which offer the same spiritual programs, designed by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

Kadampa Meditation Center New York
Home of the US Kadampa World Peace Temple in Glen Spey, NY

Kadampa Meditation Center New York City in Manhattan

Vajradhara Meditation Center in Brooklyn, NY

Vajra Light Kadampa Buddhist Center in Hartsdale, NY

Kadampa Meditation Center Philadelphia

Dharmachakra Kadampa Buddhist Center in Vauxhall, NJ

Kalpa Bhadra Kadampa Buddhist Center in Harrisburg, PA

Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland in Baltimore, MD

Further Away

To find Kadampa Centers around the world, search on this map.